I hope that this can be a place where you can allow yourself to be challenged to think differently. That with my content you may think without limitations and in a way that allows you to connect with others.

I expect to deliver thought provoking content that produces a sense of urgency within you to challenge the norm, and to observe carefully all that you have thought to be right. All the experiences in your life have conditioned you to feel; and influential, external observations, have conditioned you to assume. All experiences have blinded you, to a certain degree, from considering your own personal thoughts and beliefs. In order to go beyond a level of reason we must acknowledge that to a certain extent, life experiences, culture and religion have placed on us… limitations.

About Us

In order for us to reach any kind of conclusion through observable and considerate analysis, there has to be a harmonious existence of both: facts and opinions. In both we find understanding and truths. In facts, we observe what is; in opinions, we gather conclusions of why, what is, is what it is. However, in order to conclude an honest opinion, there has to be openness to ones self and an understanding to ones ability to process rationally. 

Opinions, are one in many major ingredients that are required to establish a core thought process involving any type of study leading up to self analysis, scientific theory and lifestyle indoctrination. In science, theology, psychology and philosophy, opinions of a sound and rational mind have led to the great findings that we hold as fundamentals today; those in which we build on as we develop further and more complex forms of thought and understanding. It takes true freedom and self awareness for one to create honest and accurate opinions; opinions, despite the negative and poor connotations that it has earned for the consolation of bullied individuals, really do matter.

And to that notion, I welcome you to my experimental blog: Open;ions(opinions). A place where I aim to challenge you to think differently, feel differently and even speak differently. A place where the purpose is to help develop the inner being by provoking thoughts that regard to patterned ways of thinking and a default set of emotions. I aim for you to gather from my journey of self reflection and research, opinions that derive from openness, transparency and a relatable experience through raw and personal expression.

Latest Posts

UFC 263

UFC events are always looked forward to here at the Goodfellas household. Especially when it’s an overloaded pay-per-view with so many fan favorites! The great thing about this card, in particular, is how many greats will be competing with a major chip on their shoulder. As usual, this has been the main topic of conversation since we …

Outward Bound

After years of absence from writing, I have finally broken my poetic silence by composing this poem to outline the lingering feelings of a young boy that suffered from depression and is now a man trying not to succumb to the orphan image he holds of himself. Please enjoy as I opted to try the “less is more” tactic.